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Information for Trial Attorneys

Why Look to an Appellate Attorney?

For the busy trial attorney, whether general practitioner or specialist, there is an alternative to the distraction and disruption an appeal can pose for your practice. Instead of re-learning appellate rules that may have changed radically, you can hire someone who keeps up with every change, big and small. Instead of scrambling to find time for the many hours of research and -- especially -- writing that even one appeal involves, turn to someone whose practice is structured around such tasks. An appellate attorney can offer the expertise and the resources that appeals require.

An appellate attorney also brings a fresh perspective on the facts, as well as knowledge of the special tactical considerations involved in satisfying the standard of review for a particular appeal.

And you won't have to worry about the trial judge's reaction when he or she sees your name on a Notice of Appeal.

How Karen A. Wyle Works with You

Wyle will brainstorm with you about ideas and approaches, issues and tactics -- if and when you wish to do so. She will keep you apprised of developments. Beyond that, she takes over the burden of the appeal. She negotiates the maze of appellate procedure; performs the research, the analysis, the writing, the rewriting. She handles the clerical aspects of filing the appellate briefs and related documents. Unless you prefer otherwise, she fields clients' questions, explains the appellate process to them, and keeps them posted about developments in their case.

Wyle can function as sole appellate counsel, or act as your co-counsel. Wyle is also available for limited consulting on an hourly basis, at any stage of the appeal where a consult is desired.

Legal Expertise

  • Family Law
  • Torts
  • Contracts
  • Criminal Law
  • Municipal Liability
  • Final judgments or interlocutory orders